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Additional Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

We offer a variety of Safe Deposit Box sizes to fit everyone’s needs.

Other Services & Fees


Service Details
Night Deposit Bags
Locked bags $25.00 per bag
Zipper bags $3.00 per bag
Replacement Key for Night Depository $7.00 per key
Night Deposit Services Free
Wire Transfers
Incoming $20.00
Outgoing $20.00
Foreign $40.00
Incoming $20.00 per item
Outgoing $20.00 per item (+ Drawee Bank Fee)
Check Cashing
Customers (FB&T Accountholders) No Charge
Non Customers $10.00 per check
Cashier's Checks
Customers (FB&T Accountholders) $5.00 per check
Non Customers $20.00 per check
Money Orders
Customers (FB&T Accountholders) $5.00 per MO
Non Customers $10.00 per MO
Traveler's Cheques
Customers (FB&T Accountholders) Set by American Express
Special Handling
Non-Sufficient Funds Items $32.00 per item
Overdraft Items $32.00 per item
Stop Payment Orders $32.00 per order
Returned Deposited Items - Business $5.00 per item
Returned Deposited Items - Special Handling $8.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee
Non-Interest Bearing $5.00 per month
Interest Bearing $5.00 per month
Other Miscellaneous Services
Telephone Transfers $2.00 per transfer
ACCESS24 Telephone Banking Transfers No Charge
Balance Inquiry No Charge
Research $25.00 per hour (+) $2.00 per copy
Account Activity Printout $3.00
Statement Reprint $3.00 per stmt
Statement Reprint w/ Check Images $8.00 per stmt
Check Image Print-First 2 Images No Charge
Check Image Print-Each Image after 2 $1.00 per check
CD-ROM of Check Images $5.00 per CD
Deposit Correction $2.00
Returned mail (each piece) $5.00
Account Closure Fee $30.00 (within 60 days of opening)
Debit Card with Photo $15.00
Debit Card with Photo Replacement $20.00
Garnishments $75.00
Levies $75.00
Photocopies $3.00 per copy
Faxes $2.00 per fax
Notary Service-Customers (FB&T Accountholders) No Charge
Notary Service-Non - Customers $5.00
Direct Deposits Free